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Claim and Redeem Digital Swag at Consensus

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How it works

Registered attendees for Consensus:Distributed are invited to claim their Swag -  Read More

Activate & Claim

Click the link in your invitation email.

Signup with an email or compatible wallet to receive your Swag.

Trade & Engage

Swag can be liked and commented.

Trade with other attendees until you get the Swag you want!

Redeem & Enjoy

Redeem with the tap of a button.

Claim t-shirts and giveaways, tickets, downloads and discounts

The best giveaways at Consensus. In your wallet.

Claim your NFT Swag Bag to see what you've received!

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Connect with your Favorite Speakers

Selected attendees will receive tokens featuring our top Speakers.

Make Connections: Click CONNECT to send a connection request

Exclusive Sponsor Offers

Exclusive Sponsor Offers

Discounts, downloads, access and even physical swag like t-shirts, caps and cold storage wallets are among the giveaways from this years' Sponsors.

Click to Claim: Every NFT has a simple button to redeem its special offer

Tickets to Future Events

Tickets to Future Events

Lucky attendees will be randomly allocated exclusive complimentary tickets to future Consensus events.

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Tradable: Can't make it on that date? Sell your token in the Marketplace or on OpenSea, the largest marketplace for crypto collectibles

The Best of NFTs

The Best of NFTs

Receive CryptoKitties, Etheremon, swords, shields and more from some of the leading communities in Blockchain.

Interoperable: NFTs from games and other platforms can be used directly from your wallet on those apps


Cool Badges

Create branded badges that attendees can receive or earn before, during or after the event.

Shareable: Badges can be added to your profile on Linkedin

Latest Updates

See what others are doing with their Kred Coins

Redeem with the tap of a button

Claim t-shirts and giveaways, event tickets, downloads and discounts

See a Redeem button? Hit it!

See a Redeem button? Hit it!

Any NFT you receive that features a Redeem button can be used to claim an associated offer.

Tap Redeem to:

  • Start a download
  • Access a secret link
  • View a calendar
  • Register redemption of a physical item

No button? Some NFTs are simply collectible, like a badge, or can be used on another application or DApp, like a CryptoKitty!


Can't find what you're looking for?

[fa icon="plus-square"]What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique.

Unlike fungible cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens, NFTs are not interchangeable.

NFTs can be traded on digital asset marketplaces, like OpenSea.

Some examples of items that may be tokenized as NFTs include:

  1. A collectible card
  2. A sword or shield in a game
  3. A unique piece of content, like a photo or song
  4. An offer from a brand or community
[fa icon="plus-square"]I don't have a wallet - Can I still claim my Swag?
Consensus Swag can be claimed using only your email, name and phone number.
A free wallet is created for you on signup which holds your Swag.
Already have a wallet? 
Consensus NFT Swag can be claimed using MetaMask or Portis.
[fa icon="plus-square"]What happens if I don't redeem my Swag by its expiry date?

Some of the redeemable offers issued by brands and sponsors in the Consensus Swag Bag show expiry dates on the NFT profile.

Expiry dates may restrict the offer to be redeemed during Consensus (eg to collect a physical product while they last or while an exclusive discount/access is available).

Swag that is not redeemed by its expiry date is non-refundable.

The sponsor or NFT creator may or may not honor the redemption of an expired token, at their discretion.

[fa icon="plus-square"]I haven't registered yet - Can I still claim a Swag Bag?

The Consensus Swag Bag is restricted to registered attendees only.

Please register here:

[fa icon="plus-square"]I don't like the Swag I received - What can I do?

Trade with friends!

If you have a token in your Swag Bag that doesn't interest you, you may choose to:

  1. Give it to a friend - Send via SMS, email or directly to their username
  2. Sell or Auction it in the Marketplace
  3. Sell it on OpenSea - The largest marketplace for crypto collectibles
  4. Offer it as a trade for another token you love!
[fa icon="plus-square"]Can I sell my Swag?


Your Swag belongs to YOU and can be sold:

  1. In the on-platform Marketplace
  2. On OpenSea - The largest marketplace for crypto collectibles
[fa icon="plus-square"]Do I need to pay Gas to use my Swag?

Transactions on most blockchain networks incur a fee, commonly referred to as "Gas". This fee rewards the activity of the different nodes in the network for confirming your transaction.

Transactions using an Ethereum network wallet (like MetaMask or Portis) may incur Gas charges.

Transactions using the application's default Kred Wallet (on the Stellar blockchain network) do not incur any Gas charges.

Whenever a Gas fee is charged, it is displayed in the application, so there are no surprises!

[fa icon="plus-square"]Do I need ETH to claim or use my Swag?


The Consensus Swag Bag platform is powered by NFT.Kred, who provide all users with a default, free Kred Wallet.

The Kred Wallet is based on the Stellar blockchain network and does not incur any Gas charges. You do not need any ETH to claim or trade your Swag using the Kred Wallet.

If you choose to transact using an Ethereum based wallet (eg MetaMask or Portis), Gas charges may be incurred for any transaction, payable in ETH.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Someone requested my Swag - What should I do?


When someone requests your Swag, you can choose to:

  1. GIVE it to them at no charge - Like a gift!
  2. SELL it to them, naming a price
  3. Do nothing - You are not obliged to give or sell your Swag
[fa icon="plus-square"]How can I engage with other attendees?

The Consensus Swag Bag is designed for attendee engagement.

Browse the Explore tab to see who has Swag that interests you, and:

  1. Like it
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Send the owner a connection request


[fa icon="plus-square"]Who developed the Swag platform for Consensus?

The Consensus Swag platform was developed by NFT.Kred - The leader in custom NFTs.

NFT.Kred helps individuals, brands and communities create actionable Non-Fungible Tokens with their digital assets.

Learn more about NFT.Kred here.

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